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you can hear those distant bells

and you know they'll never leave

distant bells
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Fanfiction, mostly of the Glee variety
Welcome to distantbells, the fanfiction community for stillxmyxheart. This used to be my icon comm, but I don't make icons anymore, and didn't want this name to go to waste, so I transferred all of my fanfiction over here.

My current major fanfiction fandom is Glee, and the major pairings I write for are:
-Quinn/Blaine (Quaine)
-Quinn/Will (Quill)
-Quinn/Tina (Quinntina)
-Dianna/Darren (Diarren) RPF

You'll also see fic of:
-Quinn/Cooper (Coopinn)
-Quinn/Will/Blaine (Quaill)
-Quinn/Jesse (St. Fabray)
-Blaine/Quinn/Tina (Quaintina)
-Rachel/Brody (Brochel)

All of my old fanfiction from former fandoms is housed here as well, primarily Doctor Who, but also a couple of Supernatural and Harry Potter fics. You may also see random ficlets for other fandoms, like Castle or The Avengers. It all just depends on what I get ideas for.

Everything is tagged by fandom, rating, character(s), and pairing(s). The occasional AU and crossover are also tagged.

+then's there us: fics written for the Doctor/Rose challenge community then_theres_us
+tumblr: fics originally posted on my Tumblr that I crossposted here
+thirty days of writing: fics written for the "30 days of writing" challenge I'm currently doing (very slowly) on Tumblr

My original fic project Mad World is housed at no_tomorrow, and An Eye for An Eye (and all future original fic projects) is housed at heartspeaks.

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